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Popular Tags:  InHealth, Mark V. Pauly, Bendheim Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Tom Wildsmith, consulting actuary, Hay Group, Alan M. Garber, MD, PhD, Henry J. Kaiser Professor, Stanford University, Robert J. Rubin, MD, 2010 Health Technology Summit, healthcare insurance, reimbursement, coverage and payment policy, access to healthcare technologies resources WSGR, Jerry Gibson, President CEO Critical Perfusion Alzheimers Disease OneMedRadio Paul Hartung President CEO Cognoptix OneMedRadio Neil Warma CEO Opexa Therapeutics cellular therapies autoimmune diseases OneMedForum2010 OneMedForum Thomas A. Moore CEO Advaxis William Dawson LifeTech Capital 2010 San Francisco immunesystem cancer infectiousdisease Martyn W. C. Howgill executive director of the Institute for Health Technology Studies advanced healthcare technologies healthcare reform InHealth 2010 Health Technology Summit Washington, DC value of technology innovation resources Jennifer Lieb (Founding Partner of HealthFutures) moderates a panel on Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine, featuring Ann F. Hanham (Managing Director of Burrill and Co.), Yves Dubaquie, Ph.D. (Business Development and Licensing of Novartis Molecular Diagnostics) and Melinda Griffith (Senior Vice President of Product Acquisition and Licensing at Clarient).
More Tags:  OMFSF2013 Webcast: MiMedx OneMedRadio Kevin Lupowitz CEO DirectMarkets Mark V. Pauly Bendheim professor of healthcare management, business public policy, insurance and risk management, and economics The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania comparative effectiveness research evidence-based medicine health insurance industry fee for service Medicare cardiac care quality incentives 2010 InHealth Health Technology Summit April 7 Washington, DC resources Management Video: Laurence P. Birch, CEO of DATATrak Tomas J. Philipson, PhD, Daniel Levin Professor of Public Policy Studies, University of Chicago, comparative effectiveness research, public research funding, Medicare, Medicaid, CATIE trial, antipsychotic drugs, heterogeneity in treatment effects, personalized medicine resources OneMedRadio Frank Reynolds CEO CFO Invivo Therapeutics OneMedRadio: Dr. Stephen Victor, CEO of IntelliCell BioSciences OMFSF 2012 Webcast: Cytosorbents

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